Always buy a new mattress

Mattresses are not cheap to buy, for this reason some people end up buying used mattresses. Buying a used mattress is worst than buying a low quality mattress. Mattress is not a car, that you can buy a used one. There are lots of differences between new and used mattress. Though buying a used mattress is good for environment and will not cost you much financially. 

But an old mattress will cost your health and it will be at risk. A used mattress is not very hygiene. There is always a reason why that owner is selling his mattress. A used mattress can have defects in it. You should check it properly so that you buy a good deal. If the seller of that mattress had health problems or allergies, then also it can be risky to use. You should ask almost everything about the mattress and the former owner. 

A used mattress can has damaged material and not of good quality. Besides, buying a used mattress you can buy a cheap mattress. At least that cheap mattress will be new. Its better that you invest in a brand new mattress and avoid buying a used mattress. If the former owner is allergic, then it can threaten your health. If you don’t have a flexible budget for your mattress, then you can buy them on special occasions or on discounts. You can buy mattresses on discount on various sites online like Before buying a used mattress, visit different showrooms and asks for any special discounts. Or the best way is you can sell old mattress and get a new one at a discount. This way the new mattress will not be very expensive for you. There are many sites that deal in selling old mattress for a new one. You can check these sites before buying the mattress.